Get to know me…

I think you are all asking who am I and what am I and other questions. So to answer to all of your questions, I am just a regular teenager in a web world who likes technology, traveling and every other thing that a teenager would love/like. I love web and everything about it. There are so many informations that lead you to another information and you’re never bored of it. Why did I started a blog you all ask? I love taking photos, traveling, fashion, DIYs and I am kind of a geek. I get inspiration wherever I am. I didn’t started a blog for money, I love writing because this is who I am. There is no pretending. Love traveling because you can see cultures, meet new people, try new food… I am very happy about starting my blog because I can be who I am and write my own opinions and write about what I love. My support was my family so I hope you will support my dream for being a blogger and writing posts that are 100% me. I love you!

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