Fall Q&A

Hello everyone! I’m back with a fall q&a post and I hope you’ll like it!

1. Favorite halloween song?

I’m in love with a monster- Fifth harmony

2.Favorite fall drink?

Mint tea, no matter what season it is, I always drink tea.

3.Favorite fall color?

Burgundy, grey, black, yellow, orange (But my favorite colors of all time are blue, green and grey)

4.Favorite candle scent(s)?

Wood, lemon and orange scented

5.Favorite fall outfit?

Over sized hoodie, cool denim jacket, leggings and sneakers

6.Mittens or gloves?

Gloves, for sure.

7.Corn maze or haunted house?

Both, can’t decide.

8.Traditional jack-o-lanterns or artistic jack-o-lanterns?

Artistic with an element of traditional.

9. Do you like baking?

I love baking!

10. What is your favorite thing about fall?

My birthday!











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