Summer life hacks!

Hello everyone! I finally remembered to post something on my blog… Today I prepared for you Summer life hacks post! I have an announcement! I will be posting my articles on Sunday! Let’s get started!

1. When you go to the pool or beach, you wear your flip flops. It’s very hot and you burn your feet wearing them. So basically for stopping that to happen, just flip them and they won’t burn you when you wear them again.

2. To get your hair lighter, cut a lemon in half, squeeze it and put that in spray bottle, and then mix it with water. After that, spray it on to your hair and sit outside.

3. Take a wet paper towel, wrap it around your water bottle and freeze it for 15 minutes. Then, your water should be very very cold.

4. Put your gummy bears in the popsicle mold or put it in the cup (if you don’t have a popsicle mold use this other option with the cup) And then put sprite in the mold or the cup and then stick the popsicle stick in the mold or the cup, freeze it and you’ll get a very refreshing popsicle.

5. If a mosquito bit you, rub some glue stick to that spot where it bit you.

I hope you liked this article! See you soon! Bye❤️!


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