How to be ready for the new semester?!


Hello everyone! Today is the last day of my winter break so i thought that I could give you some tips on how to be ready for the new semester. Let’s get started!

1. Pamper routine

Last post on my blog was Pamper routine, you can also have a spa night at home and that way you will be relaxed. Also, I was screaming of happiness when I saw on Instagram that there is a Lush Serbia account! everyone go follow them @lush_srbija!GO FOLLOW! Don’t worry they are checked and it’s okay. The pictures are amazing! They are always good to customers (They didn’t pay me to say this) Here are some bath bombs and how they look in the water:

2. Clean…

Clean your backpack,desk, drors…This is the first thing you should do because the spa is the last thing because spa always comes after the hard work. Trust me, when you clean everything you will feel much more organized. While I was cleaning I found LOTS of papers, pencil, rubbers…

3. Organize your planner

You don’t have to buy an expensive agenda just take a notebook and make it as your bullet journal. I left some free printables for your planner in my how to make 2017. awesome post. Here is the link:

4. Stopwatch

While I was cleaning everything I used stopwatch on my phone. You are probably asking why? Well, I used it because I wanted to see how long would it take for me to clean everything so that way I was very productive! but, please don’t rush (I for sure didn’t aha)

5. Set a goal

While you’re studying you can set a goal. For example: ,,If I have all As at school at the end of second semester I will get a camera”.

Contact me (Companies or readers of my blog):

I hope you liked this post and I will see you tomorrow with another one! Bye!


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