Pamper routine! 

Just so you know, this is not sponsored! All opinions are my own! I would never hide it from you if it’s sponsored!

Hello everyone! Do you remember when I told you to have some time for yourself ever once in while? Well, I bought a bathbomb and wanted to have a spa night at home! Let’s get started!

First, I took my pijamas and other stuff I need to wear when I get out of the bathtub. Then, I filled my bathtub with water and put some bubble bath so I can have some bubbles in my tub (Pretty simple😂).Next,I put my bathbomb in the tub and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

It was fizzing and the color of the water was blue (my favorite color). Then, I got in the bathtub and just relaxed. You can play some music but I didn’t, I was just thinking about some things for my blog, school, goals… After 40 minutes it was time to get out of the tub. Next, I took my skincare products and I took some magazines. First, I put my body lotion, the smell is coconut! I love coconut!

And then, I got dressed in my pijamas. Next, I washed my face with Mixa Cleansing gel.
After that, I put my Pure Clay L’oreal mask.

Since I had to wait 10 minutes so that the maks can be dry that would be the perfect time to read some magazines or you can be on your phone. After 10 minutes I washed my face.

For business inquiries or if you want to ask me something or anything else:

That was my Pamper routine and I will see you tomorrow! Bye!



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