Christmas eve! Blogmas day 37


After my hole morning process, preparing for Christmas eve dinner started. Of course I had to help. I played Christmas music and turned all my fairy lights on my Christmas trees. I also helped for making dessert. This is how it turned out:

Later, I watched a my current favorite TV show which is Man vs Child chef showdown. I watched the hole first season and the show is amazing. I am obsessed with this TV show. Basically, cooking prodigies (kids) are competing against professional chefs. After the TV show it was time for Christmas eve dinner. I love Christmas and Christmas eve because hole family is together and they laugh and spend time together like no other day in the hole year. In my country, on Christmas eve, the kids cheep under the table and search for candies an the money that are in a basket covered in straw/thatch. My family and I had a lot of fun, we laughed, played some challenges, watched TV shows.

I hope you liked this post and I will see you soon! Bye!


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