January bucket list! 

Hello everyone! January started so it is perfect time to make a bucket list. I hope you’ll do some things I mentioned also, these things could be things that you could do on winter break. Let’s get started!


1. New planner set up

I totally recommend this. You can buy a planner/agenda or any kind of notebook it doesn’t matter and then write everything. Literally everything.


2. Write a 2017 reading list

If you like to read, write a list of all the books you want to read this year.

3. Winter home decor

We can all agree that we like to decorate our bedroom. Well, Pinterest is full of ideas for decor and not just decor, Pinterest has ideas for anything.


4. Bubble bath day (January 8th)

In America there is Bubble bath day and I can’t wait it because I can try out a bath bomb.

5. Popcorn day (19th January)

6. Bake some cookies

Bake any kind of cookies or you can bake anything in general.


I hope I gave you some ideas for your list and I will see you soon! Bye!


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