New year’s resolutions! 

Hello everyone! Today is 31st December and it is time to write our resolutions for New Year. 2016 was a beautiful year. I am sure that 2017 will be much better.


Resolutions for 2017:

1. Be organized

I wasn’t very organized in 2016 so I  wanted to be very organized and write everything in my planner/ agenda in 2017.

2. Find a new hobby/ learn something

It could be drawing, taking pictures, making Crafts on Pinterest or you can learn a new language. I want to learn French and I am not going to go at any shool to study it because I want to learn it at home.

3. Read one book a month

I like to read but I don’t have any time.

4. Stick to a morning routine/ night routine

Don’t change your routine. If you don’t change it you will get used to it very easy.

5. 52 things

You can write 52 things you could do to make yourself happy and every week you cross one thing on that list.

6. Meet new people

I am very shy when it comes meeting new people but I hope I won’t have that shyness anymore.

7. Save and plan traveling and save money

I like to travel. You can save money by not buying things that aren’t necessary at the moment. If you buy that you’ll regret because then you’ll see a much prettier thing but then you don’t have any money. So first think about it before you buy that thing.

8. Charities

I would totally like to help anyone and that makes me happy.

To su bile sve moje zelje za Novu godinu i nadam se da cete ovaj dan provesti sa bliznjima ili prijateljima… Iako ne dobijete nikakav poklon nije bitno, jer danas i 6. i 7. januara nisu bitni pokloni, bitno je da ste srecni, zdravi i sa svojom porodicom i prijateljima. Srecna Nova godina! Vidimo se sledece godine!

Those were all of my resolutions and I hope you’ll be with your closest friends or family. Even if you didn’t get any gifts it doesn’t matter.Today and on 6th and 7th January aren’t about the presents. What matters the most is that you’re happy and healthy and surrounded with your family and friends. Happy New Year! See you next year! Bye!


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