Making Christmas presents! Blogmas day 23

I haven’t go to school for a week. It was really awkward for me not to go fro a week and I missed my friends. After my hole morning routine I went to the balcony and I was there for 10 minutes. Then, I studied and when I finished I wanted to make Christmas gifts for my mom and grandma because I already gave presents to my grandpa and dad. After that, I watched TV, YouTube videos, and I was studying.

Foot soak/scrub:



Meanings of measurement: tbsp- tablespoon

tsp- tea spoon

2 tbsp of brown sugar

1 tsp of lavander baby oil (you can put more)

1 tbsp of honey or malteks

any kind of oil 1tbsp

Mix all the ingredients untill it forms a thick, sticky, smooth, paste.


Sugar scrub:



24 tbsp of white sugar

4 tbsp of any kind of oil

lavender baby oil ( pour how much you want)

Mix all of the ingredients untill the texture is like wet sand.


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