School’s day, no school! Blogmas day 16

Yay! No school today! Today was school’s day so that means no school. I woke up at 10:00 am and I got a message from my friend. She told me that at 11:00 am is going to be choir and a show at our school because it’s school’s day. I hurried up, dressed up, ate, bathroom stuff. When I got ready, we went to school even if we could’ve stay at home but we wanted to see our friends singing and acting. When it ended we went home. When I got back home I was freezing. It was really cold so I wrapped myself into a sweater and ate and watch a TV show. When my parents got back home I heard them talking about going shopping. I had to go. When they finished with lunch my mother wanted to go at 4 pm because at 5 pm is book’s night. I predict that we will be at the bookshop paying at 4:59 pm. Guess what? After three shops we payed at bookshop at 4:59 pm. We stopped by Corner because we wanted to by hamburgers. While we were waiting we went to NewYorker and they bought me something for Christmas which you’ll see in post What I got for Christmas. When we got back home, we packed everything and watched TV shows and then I got ready for bed.


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