Shopping at Stop Shop! Blogmas day 10


Finally, I survived school in the morning but, I woke up like a vampire. Since I couldn’t continue sleeping I put minions slippers on my feet and walked really slow and quiet so I won’t wake up my family. Mission accomplished. I made myself some tea because tea always wakes me up and i always drink tea in the morning. My stomach gave a really clear sign to eat something. After my meal, I dressed up, did bathroom stuff. When my family finished breakfast, I watched a movie with my dad. We were watching Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar children. After the movie, my mum made us lunch. She doesn’t like a lot cooking but she sometimes makes us  lunch. My grandma is always in charge for the kitchen. We ate tagliatelle with chicken, mushrooms, tomato and heavy cream for cooking. After this delicious lunch, I went to my bedroom to study. I studied about good 1 and half hour. Then, we went to Stop shop, we also went grocery shopping and one book shop Laguna and we bought a present for my friend’s birthday and my parents bought something for my Christmas present. When we got back home, we packed food in the fridge and everything else. After that we had dinner , watched TV shows and I watched YouTube videos and then I studied and got ready for bed.


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