Decorating another Christmas tree! Blogmas day 6


Whenever I have school in the morning, I always procrastinate. I hope I am not the only one doing that. When I get ready totally I go to school. After classes, I stayed with some of my friends at school yard. We were talking, chasing, playing a game password which is also a kind of a chasing game. After our games and talking we went home. When I came home I dressed up in the most comfortable clothes in the world which are sweatpants, hoodie and fuzzy socks which make my feet really sweating but they are really cute so I had to wear them. Then I ate and had to take my phone so I won’t miss any youtube video.Later, I had to study. After I finished my date with a book I started decorating another Christmas tree but this one is in my bedroom.After decorating the tree I watched a TV show and took a shower and got ready for bed.



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