Blogmas day 5! Christmas decor haul!

Hello everyone! Today I’ve got some new decor ornaments for my smaller tree in my bedroom but I haven’t still decorated the tree. This decor is from Vicko. Continue reading this if you want to find out what I got.

Having school in the morning, unfortunately! Do I have to get out of bed? But, look on the bright side, when you get home you have a lot of free time. I finally realized I should get out of bed and eat something. Then, I went to the bathroom. After that, I dressed up and I was really slow. It was really cold but I went by car so I wasn’t freezing a lot. At school, it was pretty amazing. I got an A in Serbian. It was writing an essay. When I got back home and when my mom came from work I got that decor. I got it from my mom’s friend. So let’s see what I got.


These ornaments are so cute! After opening all of those ornaments I did my homework. Then, I watched some YouTube videos and after that I went to my bedroom to see what should I wear tomorrow. After that, I took a shower and packed my bags and then got ready for bed and read some magazines.


I hope you liked today’s blogmas and I will see you tomorrow. BYE!




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