Fall room decor 

Hello! Finally I remembered that I have blog haha! I am so sorry for not writing anything on my blog. Now, I have a cold but I wanted to write something a week ago. So, fall started a week ago so I wanted to do a fall room decor. ( My room is still summer decorated) Let’s start!


1. Change the background of your phone or a computer

I don’t know if this is a decoration but since the fall started you should change your background. I picked two backgrounds so here they are.


2. The fall sign

This sign is very easy to make.

All you need is:

1. printing paper

2. carton

3. scissors

4. glue

5. If you don’t have a printer then take a marker

6. Water colors or temperas

1. Take the carton and cut it in whatever shape you would like to.

2. I printed a word fall but, if you don’t have a printer then take a paper and write fall or autumn with a marker.

3. Now cut the word fall like this:

4. Now glue the word fall on the carton

5. Take water colors and color the shape and white in the word fall in whatever color you want except black.

6. If you want you can finish the edges with black marker


3. Candles, lots of candles!

I really like candles and that smell is amazing so I think that it is amazing way to spice up your room.


Take a glass or whatever and you can color pinecones if you want and put them in the glass
I hope you liked this room decor and I will see you soon! Bye!



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