Hello everyone! Today I am doing Q&A. I want to say thanks to everyone for sending me questions on my instagram and facebook. Let’s get started!

  1. Favourite book, favourite movie and favourite food?

I don’t have favourite book because when I finished reading one book that book becomes my favourite but, then I find another book and that other book becomes my favourite. My favourite movie is Kill Bill. Favourite food is ,,cevapi”, pizza and chicken.


2. The worst subject at school?

Arts, because I am always late with the work. 🙂

3. Favourite blogger?

My favourite bloggers are Zoella and Brana’s divine world.


4. Your favourite post?

My favourite post is Life hacks for girls because while I was writing it I was mind blown because I didn’t know about those life hacks.


5. What is your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subjects at school are english, serbian, german and biology.

6. Lifestyle or DIY blogs?

Both! It’s very hard!


7. Best party?

Every party is amazing including mine.


8. Do you have any pets?


9. Name three reasons why you love fall\autumn

  1. Because of my birthday (17th November)
  2. Because of my family slava
  3. School starts on fall!


10. Milka vs Galeb chocolate


I hope you liked this and I will see you soon! BYEE!



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