DIY School supply 

Zdravo svima! Danas radim DIY kao sto vec pise u naslovu. Krenimo! 

Hello everyone! Today I am doing DIY school supply! Let’s get started! 

Kao sto vidite na slici ovo je potrebno:

1. Fascikla 

2. Makaze 

3. Lepak za papir 

4. Papir za stampanje (a ako nemate stampac mozete da napisete)

1. Folder 

2. Scissors 

3. Glue stick 

4. Paper for printing (If you don’t have a printer you can write)

2. If you have a printer go to pic on your computer and then click design or that T and then click square. Then click on the butterfly icon and click them geometric and click the circle and then you can write anything an then just save the pictures and open it word and print it and that is it. But If you don’t have a printer you can cut the paper in a shape of circle and write anything that you want. This is how it should look: 

2. Ako imate stampac idite na pic na kompjuteru. Onda, klilnite kao neko T i pise design i kliknite square. Posle ce vam se pojaviti pisace canvas color i vi samo kliknite cancel. Posle kliknite na leptira ispod slova T i onda kliknite geometric. Onda kliknite na krug. Posle kliknite na slovo T i kliknite Add text i onda pisite bilo sta. A ako nemate stampac papir isecite u oblik kruga i napisite sta hocete i ovako bi izgledalo: 

3. Posle isecite ovaj krug 

3. Then cut the circle 

4. Then take the glue stick and glue it on the folder

4. Uzmite lepak i zalepite krug na fasciklu 

Nadam se da vam se svideo ovaj DIY i vidimo se sutra! BYEE!

I hope you liked this DIY and I will see you guys tomorrow! BYEE!


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