Study tips+organization #Maja’s school

Zdravo svima! Danas radim study tips+organization. Krenimo!

Hello everyone! Today I am doing Study tips+ organization. Let’s get started!

1. Napravite study time table 

1.Make a study timetable

2. Koristite sticky notes, post its…

2. Use sticky notes, post its…

3. Tokom ucenja pravite pauze 

3. While studying make breaks 

4. Koristite flashcards 

4. Use flashcards

5. Pisite beleske za neki predmet koji vam je tezak, pa posle kada dodjete kuci prepisite te beleske u svesku za taj predmet.

5. Take notes 

6. Pravite se kao da predajete nekome

6. Pretend like you are teaching to someone 

7. Snimajte svoj glas citajuci neku lekciju i onda pred spavanje preslusajte tu lekciju i lakse cete je zapamtiti 

7. Record your voice while reading some of your lessons and then right before going to bed listen to that and you will remember it easier

Nadam se da vam se svidelo i vidimo se sutra. BYEE!

I hope you liked it and I will see you tomorrow. BYEE!


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