Inspire poster

Zdravo svima! Danas cu vas nauciti kako da napravite Nell da kazem neki poster koji vas inspirise. Mozemo da pocnemo!

Hello everyone! Today I am going to teach you how to make an inspire poster and that is something that motivates you and inspires you. So let’s get started!

Prvo, sve sta vam treba:

First, what are you going to need is:

1. Blok 

2.Makaze (Scissors)

3. Casopisi (Magazines)

4. Lepak (Glue)

1. Uzmite casopise

1. Take all of your magazines

2. Nadjite u casopisima neke cool slicice i isecite ih

2. Find some cool pictures in your magazines and cut them.

3. Sada uzmite slike I zalepite ih na poster a ako zelite da napisete u sredini bloka Inspire to je vas izbor.

3. Now take your photos and glue them on the poster and also I wrote Inspire in the middle of my poster and if you want that, then that is totally up to you.

Nadam se da vam se svidelo I vidimo se sledeceg puta! BYEE!

I hope you guys love this and I will see you guys next time! BYEE!


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