Social medias HOT or NOT



Hello everyone! Today I am going to write about social medias and I am going to write what I think about them – are they HOT or NOT. Don’t try to take this the wrong way. This is just my opinion! Let’s start!

1. Facebook 

I think that Facebook is right now really boring for teenagers like me or a little bit older teens. It is not popular anymore! Now, we are only using messenger to chat with our friend! So, I think this is Not!

2. Instagram

I love Instagram! Also, I like to ”stalk” celebraties! So Instagram is Hot!

Follow me on instagram: @majaa_milutinovic

3. Snapchat 

Also, I like snapchat! I love the effects! But, it sometimes crashes, and I really don’t know why! I think that snapchat is Hot!

I am so sorry for not writing for Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine… But I don’t really use them. Write in the comments if you want  to write about them! BYE!!!


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